Detailed instructions on how to hand sew button holes with pictures and a video.



Cut your button hole, the hole needs to be approximately 1/2” from the finished edge of your garment and 1/8” longer than the button.
(Tip: Using buttonhole scissors helps keep these distances without measuring.)

Thread your needle

Make a knot in the end of your thread  



Insert the needle into the back of the button hole 3 or 4 threads from the cut edge on the back left edge

Pull the needle through until the thread stops against the knot



Hold the thread on the top side of the button hole to the left of where the thread cam through the fabric with your thumb

Pull the thread through

Working towards you reinsert the needle from the underside of your garment making sure the needle stays to the right of the thread on the top side

Repeat until you near the end of the hole. When you reach the end of first side Turn your work 90 degrees and arch your stitches around the end of the hole



Turn the garment around so that your needle is on the second side of the button hole at the top left corner.

Repeat your stitch as before until you reach the end of the second side. Arch you stitches around the end of the hole.

Make two bar tracks putting the needle in where the button hole stitches start on the first side and coming out where the stitches start on the second side at the end of the button hole
Turn the piece over to the back side knot the thread through the bar tacks.
Cut off any excess thread.

If you prefer to watch a video this is a good one from Burnley and Trowbridge which shows a similar method.

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