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Sky Blue Federal Infantry Trouser Cut Kit

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   All the pre-cut pieces you need to make a pair of Federal infantry trousers of the Schuylkill pattern.  Includes sky blue 100% wool kersey, cotton drill lining pieces, naturally dyed logwood dark blue sewing thread, cotton tie twine, wax, suspender and fly buttons.  Complete instructions from the pattern maker are included.
  Our sky blue kersey is made specifically for us, it is not simply seconds and overstock fabric we find on the market and pass it on as trouser material.
   We are producing the Federal Infantry Trouser Kit in collaboration with Galla Rock Patterns.  The pattern was created from examination of an original pair in a private collection. 
   Pants of this pattern were made in great numbers by the Schuylkill Depot and are a good choice for all times and theaters of the war.
   Generally ships within a week.

Actual Waist Measurement     Order this Size
34.5"                                          32
37"                                             34
39.5"                                          36
41"                                             38
43.5"                                          40
45.75"                                        42
48.5"                                          44
51"                                             46

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