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Side Seam Pocket Trousers Cut Kit

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    All the precut pieces you need to make a pair of 1860's side seam pocket trousers.  This kit includes the outer fabric, cotton osnaburg lining, needle, buttons, buckle, thread, and wax.  Instructions are included.
    This style trouser is a good choice for civilian and C.S. impressions.  It features side-seam pockets (as opposed to "mule ear" pockets) and a belt adjustment in the back.  The kit is cut for a 34" inseam so you may cut and hem to the desired length.  You may choose lining fabrics other than osnaburg.
     You have the option of making it a blank kit, meaning that all the body pieces will be assembled and in place for you to do the hand finishing.
    This kit is offered in collaboration with Gala Rock Shirt and Pattern Co.  It is copied from an original in a private collection.
     The cut kit generally ships within two weeks, a llow another week for the blank kit.
Actual Waist Measurement        Order this Size
34.5"                                             32
37"                                                34
39.5"                                             36
41"                                                38
43.5"                                             40
45.75"                                           42
48.5"                                             44
51"                                                46


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