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Shirt on the Square Cut Kit

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    All the pre-cut pieces you need to make a shirt on the square.  This kit includes the outer fabric, shoulder reinforcement fabric, thread, wax, bone buttons, and instructions.  Instructions are included.
    This style shirt is common for the Civil War period and predates the 1850's.  It is a fairly simple garment made of squares and rectangles.  It has banded cuffs, four button placket, and sleeve gussets.  This is a good shirt for civilians, Confederates, and even Federals.
    You have a choice of one of our custom woven 100% cotton osnaburg, various 100% cotton patterns, or one of our 100% cotton reproduction shirt fabrics.
    This kit is offered in collaboration with Galla Rock Shirt & Pattern Co.
     Fabric samples for the choices we offer for this kit may be seen at Tartex Textiles
    Generally ships within a week.

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