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Richmond Depot Type II Blank Kit

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    This kit allows you to finish out a garment blank of the Richmond Depot Type II.
    The blank kit has all the body outer and lining pieces sewn together with the collar and shoulder tabs set in place.  This kit is lined with Tartex Textile's osnaburg.  You choose from the Tartex Textiles fabrics we offer this kit in.
     You will need to form and place the beltloops, set the sleeve linings, close the opening in the lining at the neck, work the pocket that is already set in place, topstitch, button hole, and sew the buttons on. 
   Included in this kit is the jacket blank, thread, wax, needle, instructions, and buttons of your choice.
   You may order a tall length (additional 2 inches in the body and one inch on the sleeves), or a short length (less one inch in the body and one inch on the sleeves) 


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