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N.C. Depot Jacket Blank Kit

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    This kit includes a blank garment with all the body pieces assembled, buttons, thread, needle, wax, and instructions.  You will need to set the sleeve linings, close the neck lining, topstitch, work the pockets, work the button holes, and sew on the buttons.  

    Although there were many variations of jackets produced by North Carolina, the one piece sleeve jackets from the end of the war have become the hallmark of what is known as a N.C. Depot Jacket.  This jacket blank kit copies the details of the original jacket worn by John B. McRae of the 36th N.C. Troops.  It has two interior pockets set into the osnaburg lining,  a four piece body, one piece sleeves, low curved front collar, and a six button closure.  There is a "J" shaped facing piece on the interior front panels.

    There is one detail that we offer with this blank kit that most reproduction N.C. Depots do not have..... beltloops.  Upon close inspection of the original it was found that thread evidence and compression marks show there were once beltloops on the jacket.  The thread evidence indicated the loops were closed at the top by a four hole button.  Similar beltloops are found on the N.C. Royal Jacket. Beltloops are occasionally captured in N.C. period images.

    We recommend our coarse logwood jean for this reproduction.  It has larger yarns like those found in the original.  The logwood fabric starts off as a medium blue-gray and fades to a tan color over time.

Ships in about two weeks.


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