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Mule Ear Pocket Pants Blank Kit

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     This is a blank kit for making a pair of mule ear style pants. This pattern is taken from pants made by the Richmond Depot.  It is a pattern not very different from some civilian pants of the period.
     It consists of all the body pieces (except the adjustment belt) attached together so that you know where each piece should go.  The legs are formed, the outer waistband is attached to the body, and the pocket facings and pockets are all sewn in place by machine. 
    The fly pieces, though in place, need to be sewn in place by hand.  The back lining pieces and waistband lining needs to be worked in by hand. The adjustment belt straps need to be sewn in place.  The pocket openings need to be topstitched. the waistband button hole and four fly button holes need to be worked.  The buttons and buckle need to be sewn on. the pants need to be hemmed.
   This is a great pants kit to complete without having to wonder which fly piece goes where.
The pants blank, buttons, adjustment buckle, needle, thread, and instructions are included it this kit.  A 32" inseam which can be cut down to your desired length is standard with this kit.   A 34" inseam is available at additional cost.  All cloth, including the osnaburg lining, comes from Tartex Textiles and images may be found on www.tartextextiles.com.  
This blank kit generally ships within two weeks of the order date.

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