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First National Flag Kit

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Part Number: 1STNATKIT

This kit contains the materials to make a woolen bunting1st National Confederate flag.  The woolen bunting used in this kit is exclusively available from B & B Tart. 

You will have the materials and instructions to make a first national flag based on the flag carried by the 2nd regiment North Carolina Volunteer Infantry. The flag we copied had 11 cotton stars stitched to a blue field, with three horizontal bars red, white and red, and a header with three hand stitched eyelets. with a little creativity you can easily change the star arrangement and star count.  Materials included in this kit: red bunting, blue bunting, white bunting, white cotton star material, canvass header, natural thread for eyelets, red hand sewing thread, white hand sewing thread, and blue hand sewing thread.

Finished flag size is approximately 41" x 61".

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