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3rd Bunting Issue ANV Battle Flag Kit

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Part Number: 3rdANVKit

The bunting in this kit is all wool bunting exclusively available from B & B Tart.   This kit includes all materials needed to make a 2nd bunting issue battle flag and color photo instructions to do so. Materials included in this kit include scarlet red bunting, blue bunting, white bunting, cotton canvass header, white fine muslin star material, natural eyelet thread, white cotton twill tape edgeing, red hand sewing thread, blue hand sewing thread, and white hand sewing thread

The red bunting in this kit is one large piece which allows you to recreate the specific panel widths and arrangements if you are copying a specific flag. Information regarding the "standard" panel widths for this type of flag are included if you wish to make a generic flag. The blue bunting for the cross, the white bunting for the border, and the canvass header are cut to size for assembly.

Finished flag size is approximately 4' x 4'.


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